1 Percent Salary Adjustment Coming to Arkansas State Employees

My State Refund State Listing - 1 Percent Salary Adjustment Coming to Arkansas State Employees
LITTLE ROCK, AR – A one percent salary adjustment is coming to employees of the Arkansas State Employees. Arkansas State Employees have a salary increase coming.
The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration issued the following announcement today about the cost of living pay increase:
Governor Mike Beebe directed the Department of Finance and Administration to review the performance of the Arkansas economy and revenue collections after the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2015 to determine whether the one percent (1%) cost of living pay increase, which was previously delayed, can now be implemented. After closing out the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2015, collections are slightly above forecast. The Arkansas economic projections are in line to support the forecast which included the COLA. In consideration of this information, Governor Beebe directed that the 1% COLA be implemented for the next pay period.
The COLA will be implemented effective 11/09/2014 and employees in regular positions will receive this salary adjustment in their November 28, 2014 paycheck.
COLA increases will be automatic for employees paid on the Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System (AASIS), therefore no action is necessary on the part of state agencies participating on the system. Extra Help employees do not automatically receive these increases; master data documents will be required if the agency decides to award COLA increases to these employees. Those employees who are at the maximum level of their pay grade will receive a lump sum payment for the COLA during the last pay period of this fiscal year.
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