Where’s My Alabama State Refund?

My State Refund State Listing - Where’s My Alabama State Refund?

If you need Help Using My Alabama Taxes , please call 1-800-322-4106 and select the appropriate option for
your needs.

Track your Alabama State Refund: click here.Where's My Alabama State Refund?

 Important Information

  • Learn more about how to file and pay all
    city/county sales, use, and rental taxes
  • Effective March 3, 2014, the ONE SPOT Debit Payment process will change, having only two debits per local tax return filed: one debit for all state administered and one debit for all
    non-state administered local tax payments.
  • Where’s My Alabama State Refund? Where’s My AL State Refund? 2020? 2019? Alabama Tax Refund

How to find information on state-issued checks, tax refunds and more

The Office of State Treasurer receives a number of phone calls and e-mails about state-issued checks (also known as warrants), child support payments, tax refunds and other tax-related topics. However, the State Treasury does not handle these matters. 

Contact information is provided here to help you find the appropriate office so you can get answers to your questions in a timely manner.

Questions about state-issued checks*:

State Comptroller’s Office
(334) 353-1285
www.comptroller.alabama.gov*Please note if you are requesting a copy of a warrant, call (334) 242-7156 or (334) 242-7510.
Questions about child support payments:

Department of Human Resources (DHR)
Public Assistance
(334) 242-9485


Questions about taxes and tax refunds:Alabama Department of Revenue
(334) 242-1099


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