Where’s My Maryland State Refund? MD Income Tax Return

My State Refund State Listing - Where’s My Maryland State Refund? MD Income Tax Return

Where’s My Maryland State Refund? MD Income Tax Return

Comptroller of Maryland is responsible for handling all Maryland State Tax Refund Payments. Where’s My Maryland State Refund?

2016 Maryland State Refunds are being issued now. More InfoMaryland Liberty Tax Scam 2016

Online Services: Find your Maryland State Refund here: Maryland Comptroller

Maryland State Refund

Where’s My Maryland State Refund? Find my MD Refund. E-File Department of Finance. Track my MD State Tax Refund. Maryland Tax Resources list here.

Want To Check On Your Current Year Maryland State Refund?

You can check on the status of your current year Maryland income tax refund by providing your Social Security number and the exact amount of your refund as shown on the tax return you submitted. Enter this information in the boxes below. If you filed a joint return, please enter the first Social Security number shown on your return. In the refund box below, enter the exact amount of refund you requested, including dollars and cents. Please note that acknowledging receipt of your return takes place when your return has processed and appears in our computer system. We do not acknowledge receipt of a tax return when it is received in the Revenue Administration Division building.

Electronic filers

If you filed electronically through a professional tax preparer and haven’t received your refund yet, contact your preparer first to make sure that your return was transmitted to us before checking the status of your Maryland refund.

Paper filers

Due to budget constraints and staff reductions, we estimate processing of paper returns to take 30 days. Save yourself some time next year and consider electronically filing your tax return.

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